Media and technology

by centerfordemocraticsociety

CDS believes all people have the right to live in a region that respects their dignity, security, political rights, and the digital world is no exception. CDS seeks to foster an inclusive and global digital environment in which:  

  • Democratic values are protected, promoted, and can thrive;
  • Governments are more transparent and inclusive; and
  • All citizens are empowered to hold their government accountable.

CDS works to build a democratic digital environment through its project, and promotes internet norms and principles essential to democratic governance. In this initiative we defend the digital environment against growing illiberal influences, which seek to use media and technology to undermine democracy through disinformation and other means. Thus, we:

  • ensure the promotion of digital rights as well as the safety and security of citizens online
  • Advocating for the free and all-inclusive accessibility of the internet, the rights of online expression and access to information.
  • Promote the protection of personal data, individuals’ privacy, security, and safety of online citizens.