CDS Youth

by centerfordemocraticsociety

CDS supports young people to channel their energy and aspirations to become political leaders and activists. Despite making up more than half of the population in many regions, young people (ages 18-30) often find themselves marginalized from mainstream politics and decision making. This exclusion, combined with limited educational and economic opportunities, can leave young people both idle and frustrated with the status quo.

Youth need real opportunities to participate in political processes and contribute to practical solutions that advance development. When given an opportunity to organize, voice their opinions and play a meaningful role in political decision making, young people consistently demonstrate their willingness and ability to foster positive, lasting change. Which strengthen them to demand and defend democracy, and gain a greater sense of belonging.

In this program, we build young people’s skills, knowledge and confidence while helping them more effectively express their voices, build relationships with political leaders, and break down socio-cultural and institutional barriers to participation.