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Recently, the center for democratic society (CDS) organized a panel discussion in shashamane at rediet Hotel on “Democratic principles and the way forward to practice true democracy in our region, Oromia”. The aim was to offer a forum for debate and discussion for representatives from various political parties, local community leaders, social media influencers, and religious leaders to explore the way forward for a peaceful and advancing political and socio-economic environment.

There were just 40 attendees at the panel, yet nearly everyone contributed and brought up interesting points that made the discussion lively. On the other hand, the panelists of the panel discussion provided fascinating and excellent narration on the panel discussion’s subtitles.

Nasir Kedir (MA, LLB), Panelist
Author, Attorney and Counselor at Law
Alemayehu Kisi (LLB, LLM), Panelist
Co-founder of Yewendoch Agarinet, Attorney and Counselor at Law

From left to right:- Mohammed Hayato (MA), Moderator
Nasir Kedir (MA, LLB), Panelist
Alemayehu Kisi (LLB, LLM), Panelist
Jewaro Negawo (Eng.), Co-founder & Executive Director at CDS

Abdi Hussein, the deputy administrator of the Shashamane Zone, was one of the distinguished guests among the government officials invited. “… In our administrative zone, there are numerous international and local civil society organizations working on various issues, including human rights, the environment, health, democracy, and peace. They have made numerous contributions to the growth and improvement of our institution and system as well as to the stability and peace of our region. As you can see, CDS planned this panel and invited several organizations and people with various political viewpoints so that we could have a dialogue about our shared benefit. This is what civic society has that I like and value.”, said Abdi Hussein. 

Abdi Hussein
Deputy administrator, Shashamane Zone

One of the speakers from a local civil society organization was Befikadu Hayilu, executive director of the Center for Advancements of Rights and Democracy (CARD), who also spoke at the event’s opening ceremony.

Befikadu Hailu
Executive Director of CARD

Wondering the event, he mentioned the role of civil society organizations to the growth of democracy, and peace. The same way, Abba Gadaa, Hadha sinqees, community and religious leaders were presented the panel, too!

Abbaa Gadaa
Abbaa Gadaa and Haadha Sinqee

Finally, on the closing day of the event, the Center for Democratic Society (CDS) awarded certificates of participation to every participant.

Awarding certificates

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Derara Ansha October 25, 2022 - 2:06 pm

It is a remarkable work. Approaching the bottom-up perspective , the panel has involved different groups at the community level to discuss democratic principles and the way forward. It is my deep conviction that community level discussions play pivotal role to actualise culture of democracy in the society. I would like to extend my appreciation for the organizers! That is a very good start and, looking forward to seeing more!


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