CDS facilitated workshop on theme “”Enhancing respect for human rights: detention and court proceedings”

by centerfordemocraticsociety

The Center for Democratic Society (CDS) is facilitating a human rights workshop at the Rediet Hotel in Shashamane. Inviting many stakeholders, we are holding a wonderful workshop on “Enhancing respect for human rights: Detention and court proceedings”, particularly focusing on detention and arbitrary arrest, judicial independence, and human rights.

Opening session

Opening session

In our country, human rights are violated in various ways. One of these is the manner and process by which a person is arrested and detained. Many people are undoubtedly arrested by the police and physically injured. Once arrested, the chances of the arrested person appearing in court within 48 hours are slim.

Worse, it is difficult to predict that the court will render impartial justice based on the evidence. This may be due to corruption and intimidation by the authorities. The process of delivering justice and seeing justice distorted due to threats from officials calls the independence of the courts into question.

We organized and facilitated this workshop to contribute to the advancement of the process and enhance human rights respect in court proceedings.

Closing session


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