About Us

Short story about our organization

The Center for Democratic Society (CDS) is a board-led, for-not-profit organization registered in Ethiopia under the Civil Societies Law 1113/2019 with registry number 6218. CDS acquired its legal personality on 18 May 2022.


Peace, justice and a stable place for people is CDS’s motto, which has helped our team, partners and stakeholders as a driving force to work hard. CDS envisions Ethiopia, a country where democracy and freedom prevail with dignity for all. To realize this, we work day and night to make sure peace, justice and human rights values prevail. On the other hand, CDS has been working with different organizations and groups of citizens to promote and defend human rights and build democratic governance in our region. 

CDS works to promote and advocate gender equality, human rights, democracy and governance, peace and security, citizen participation and empowerment of women and girls through panel discussion, training and consultation meetings

The challenges we aim to tackle

  • Human rights abuses
  • Discrimination
  • Injustices

Indicators that show change is happening

  • Images of the changes we would like to see

The actions we take

  • I. Design and delivery inclusive stage for discussion
  • II. Advance democratic practice through different participatory events
  • III. Address root causes of inequalities and discrimination
  • IV. Support individuals and organizations advocating human rights and democracy
  • V. Enable and be part of diverse movements for the advancement of democracy

The outcomes we seek

  • A. Building participatory platforms.  
  • B. Enhancing Democratic Principles Beyond Governance
  • C. Building a non-discriminatory and inclusive socio-political and economic system
  • D. Enhancing HRBA and respect for minority groups

The impact we want to make

  • Strengthen democracy
  • Fortify peace, justice and a stable place


We envision Ethiopia, a country where democracy and freedom prevail with dignity for all.


  1. Establishing and assisting the pertinent party to ensure that the rule of law is upheld and the trial is fair.
  2. Educate the public on the value of democracy and human rights, and the detrimental effects of rights abuses.
  3. Advocating the dangers of prejudice based on any difference for the growth of democracy and peace.
  4. Nurturing democratic culture and its guiding principles in order for a proper democratic system to thrive.
  5. Advocating gender equality and empowerment of women.


  • Strengthen and safeguard democratic institutions, increase public understanding of democracy and human rights, and urge government to respect, protect, promote, and fulfill human rights.


  1. Teamwork: We are committed as individuals and collectively to collaborate toward achievement of our mission.

    Partnership: We are open to working with all civic and any actors that support advancements of rights and democracy.

    Responsibility: We are individually and collectively responsible for our behaviors, actions, and the consequences of our actions to each other and to anyone with whom we interact. We act at all times in ways that promote the security and wellbeing of our colleagues as well as those who support or benefit from our work, adhering to “do no harm” principles.

    Integrity: We conduct our work based on the ethics of honesty and openness free from conflicts of interest and in the service of our mission.

    Respect: We respect all political views and act with humility. We treat our colleagues and all persons with whom we interact with dignity.  


Jewaro Negawo

Founder and executive director

Gemechu Gebre

Project officer


Dureti Tafa

Finance officer